Act! Creative Twinning


ACT! which is a two-sided coin, stands for ‘ACTION’; and ‘Artists Create Together’,  where everyone is an artist. It is a MasterPeace concept that uses art to transform a local community towards an inclusive society. MasterPeace with its unique concept ACT! will initiate direct public and artists participation on art projects with the aim of creating awareness, desire for change, building knowledge and sustainability. In the 4 countries we will involve all relevant stakeholders; youngsters, role models, local government and business.Our concept has 4 artistic building blocks of music, street art visualization, storytelling and summits with an inclusive approach of involving marginalized groups as an active part of the project.

The Netherlands
Bosnia and Herzegovina


MasterPeace received the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ‘Creative Twinning’ Grant to realize change and transformation using culture and youth participation in 4 countries of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Morocco in addition to The Netherlands for the next two years.


With the financial support of the Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs via the grant “Creative Twinning”, MasterPeace in the Netherlands will inspire and empower MasterPeace clubs in the 4 countries of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Morocco. In participating countries, MasterPeace’s ACT! in connection with Creative Twinning, will help enhancing the development of cultural activities in countries bordering the EU, representing a great chance for ‘twinning’ Dutch social and cultural players with their counterparts in these countries creating large-scale collaborative art projects with social impact that can be copied as a best-practice to more countries globally.

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