Entrepreneurship education for seniors and adults with fewer opportunities

Project Context


Quite often, both salaries of the employed citizens, as well as the pensions for the retired seniors(where and when existing – are not fully sufficient for the high costs of life in those “older”. More and more seniors and adults (with fewer opportunities), thus, are looking forward to another way of regular money incoming into their households and are positive towards entrepreneurship opportunities, as they see self-employment as a valuable option. Like we see in many of our projects the lack of (jobs) perspective is a root cause for trust gaps between citizens and institutions; and for smaller and bigger unrest in societies.

Seniors and adults with fewer opportunities were the beneficiaries of our activities in Croatia, The Netherlands, Germany, Serbia and Sweden. As MasterPeace we co created in a multicountry, multiculture consortium which brought us various insights on personal dreams and behavior; on local perception on how to spend time in work and private.


The ambition of our consortium was to “equip” seniors and adults with fewer opportunities with set of skills needed to work on personal development in fields of entrepreneurial intelligence and creating (self-) employment opportunities proactively in today’s reality of employment uncertainty and the world of extinction of many known jobs and occupation now and even more in the future. That new needed capacity is entrepreneurial intelligence – competence that can be trained and developed by gaining different skills, knowledge, attitudes through quality adult non-formal education.

Key objectives

• Empower seniors and adults with fewer opportunities in entrepreneurial intelligence and mind-set development (including intrapersonal and interpersonal social-emotional and creativity competences), through development of inspiring, innovative and up-to-date handbook and e-learning courses;

• Empower our adult educators and improve knowledge management of adult education institutions and organisations in theory and practice for building competences of adult educators in entrepreneurial mind-set and creativity in entrepreneurship development of citizens, through training course, innovative Guidebook with curriculum and e-learning course for adult educators’ training;

• Exchange good practices and further develop quality strategic partnership among partners from 5 European countries with different realities in regards to citizens’ self-employment and entrepreneurship.


In the project participated :

– 12 staff / project managers and assistants;

– 18 teachers/trainers/researchers and technicians working on the blended learning 9off and online) manuals;

-30 adult educators tested the outputs with ca 120 citizens (with fewer opportunities) on local level

-200 + participants joint our summits in which we shared and discussed the new materials

The blended learning materials are available on https://masterpeace.org/publications/

       O1 Handbook on Entrepreneurial learning, Intelligence and mindset development for adults

       O2 Guidebook with Curriculum: “Empowering adult educators for Entrepreneurial learning, Intelligence and mind-set development among seniors and adults with fewer opportunities”

       O3 E-learning course for educators: “Entrepreneurial learning, Intelligence and mind-set development education for seniors and adults with fewer opportunities”

       O4 E-learning course for seniors, adults / beneficiaries: “IntRApersonal aspect of Entrepreneurial mind-set development”

       O5 E-learning course for seniors, adults / beneficiaries: “Leadership, Teamwork and other intERpersonal skills within Entrepreneurial mind-set development”


Many participants did have the perception that social entrepreneurship was not more than volunteer work that costs you a lot of time that could be spent more productively. Now we finalized the projects participants send us the feedback that they realize that being a social entrepreneur is both challenging as rewarding. The feeling of ownership that also brings funding and social impact scored the highest which encourages all partners to continue to build new innovative materials to engage, connect and empower citizens. 

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