Skyconcerts and conferences on enterpreneurship and peacebuilding

In collaboration with our partners and linked to the International Day of Peace, one of MasterPeace key momentums, we organized our International Multiplier events (E5) spread out over different events in September 2022. We used the concepts and methods of non-formal education, and shared our intellectual outputs .

The events had multiple goals:

– To present the project outcomes and promote the support for entrepreneurship education of seniors and adults with fewer opportunities in Netherlands (and Europe);

– To encourage and educate present adult educators on using the intellectual outputs of the project in their future entrepreneurship education work for entrepreneurship start-up among seniors and adults with fewer opportunities, their beneficiaries.

During this conferences, we had the chance to build local/national level partnerships with other present stakeholders, to ensure continuous promotion of our adult education work endeavors for quality entrepreneurship education of seniors and adults with fewer opportunities in our communities. It also supports to gain recognition for the efforts in promoting entrepreneurship among seniors and adults with fewer opportunities, and thus contributing to the general social recognition of adult education work.

The 9th of September MasterPeace The Netherlands organized as a network event in co creation with the Protestantse Kerken Nederland (PKN) a conference and skyconcert: 50+ representatives of 20+ organizations (who all have a social impact related mission) joined and celebrated the International Day of Peace. using music to create a message of hope, unity and togetherness. To voice our message for global, local and inner peace.

The Peace is MasterPeace is not only the absence of war, but the presence of freedom of expression, democratic values, access to education, access to perspective.

This is in line with our Theory of Change; to engage, connect and empower; aligned with the EU Youth Strategy 2021-2027.

MasterPeace took the lead in organizing the Skyconcert to inspire all participants. In the talks we explained our ideas on what challenges people have , o.a. the adults and the materials that we developed (and free of charge available). This resulted in 5 follow up talks on how to co create. A unique event in which we combined music and entrepreneurship.

On the 21st of September MasterPeace organized a conference and Skyconcert in co creation with the Ukrainian Foundation Vitalnya (Ukrainian for “Home”)- Utrecht. More than 50 Ukrainian participants joined the conference and Skyconcert. Impressive songs and talks about people losing lives, houses destroyed and economically broke. We agreed to partner via arts for healing and support for jobs.  Our learnings and outputs were shared; Social entrepreneurial ideas were generated, some already started. MasterPeace will continue to facilitate the best we can on the broader perspective from healing to jobs- perspective.

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