Launching of “Karachi Interfaith Network” for Interfaith Harmony

Our MasterPeace Club of Karachi, Pakistan started 2022 with a successful launching ceremony of “Karachi Interfaith Network.” The event was held on January 23, 2022, by Shaoor Foundation with the collaboration of MasterPeace Pakistan. It was a launching ceremony event where 30 experienced leaders from Karachi (Mr. Kelash Sarhadi of MP Pakistan was one of the influential leaders in the program) and other participants expressed their commitment and responsibility to aware and involve youth and teachers of the religious seminaries, schools, universities, and civil society members to understand the importance of interfaith and harmony. In this way, the event was bound by common understanding – peace as a basic human right. Lastly, the program covered various elements under SDG 4, SDG 16, and SDG 17.

As religious tolerance is vanishing day by day in societies, MasterPeace Pakistan is confident the introduction of “Karachi Interfaith Network” will play a significant role in providing a platform for religion and faith leaders to collaborate closely for common goals. There isn’t a second opinion on the importance of having a conceptual understanding of conflict and peace management if we dream of a harmonious society and MP Pakistan is a leading organization that advocates for such society.
Furthermore, having 30 influential social leaders uniting to collaborate to bring peace and development in the community is highly welcomed and appreciated around Karachi. Overall, the program had insightful dialogues and commitments to build workable networks around the region to establish religious harmony and productive social forces.
Importantly, the main objective of launching a faithful network in Karachi is to Increase the systematic engagement of key leaders from diverse faiths and communities for effective peacebuilding process and interfaith harmony. It is interesting to see how the interfaith network leads the way to originate a constructive network to achieve harmony amongst faiths but without a doubt, the launching is just the beginning of many impactful changes

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