MasterPeace Bangladesh and MasterPeace Sierra Leone came together to celebrate International Women’s Day through Sports

Saugat Jung Pandey
Saugat Jung Pandey

Creative Resource Mobilizer, Asia

MasterPeace Bangladesh and MasterPeace Sierra Leone came together to celebrate International Women’s Day in a unique and empowering way under the theme “Inspire Inclusion” on 8th March 2024. Both clubs organized a football match for women, where they showcased the power of unity and collaboration from across borders. The match aimed to inspire empowerment among women, aligning with the 2024 International Women’s Day theme, “Invest in women: Accelerate progress”.

In the sporting event, each country formed two female teams. One team from each country represented another country but played in their home country. This unique event was attended by representatives from various women’s organizations, youth groups, community stakeholders, members of parliament, religious leaders, and other well-wishers

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“I am excited to see women coming together to celebrate this day,” said one of the spectators, a representative from a women’s organization in Bangladesh. “It’s amazing to see how sports can bring us together and empower. We need to invest in women if we want change, and this is a great example of it”. 
“Women in Sierra Leone are often subjected to discrimination when it comes to participating in sports,” noted by, a youth leader from Sierra Leone. “Events like these are important in promoting gender equality and breaking stereotypes.”

The event aimed to tackle the issue of gender inequality and lack of inclusion faced by women in sports in both Bangladesh and Sierra Leone. The participants were mostly young girls under the age of 16. “This event has taught me the importance of collaboration and inclusivity in creating a more equitable society,” expressed one of the participants from Bangladesh. “It’s a reminder that together, we can all work towards creating equal opportunities for women and girls like myself”.

Women in these countries often face barriers to participation in sports and other social activities, limiting their opportunities for empowerment and further advancement. By organizing a football match targeted towards women, the project aimed to challenge these traditional norms and promote a more inclusive society. The sporting event provided a platform for women to showcase their skills, challenge stereotypes, and in turn promote gender equality.

This event is a great example of co-creation among organizations across continents and breaking barriers. It demonstrated that impactful initiatives can be achieved through collaboration, even in the absence of extensive resources. This unique football match served as an inspiration to many, showing that women can achieve great heights when given the opportunity and support. The sporting event had many lessons learned for the organizers. The insights from this event underscore the power of partnerships in reaching shared objectives and the significance of employing creative approaches to social change.

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The powerful and impactful event was initiated by MasterPeace Bangladesh and its dedicated team members: Istiak Ahmed, Shahed Ahmed, Amin, Jamil, Bijit, and others. With a long history of implementing various interventions related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), MasterPeace Bangladesh is more motivated than ever and open to further collaboration, support, and creative perspectives.

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