MasterPeace, Member of the UNESCO Greening Education Partnership

We are thrilled to be invited by UNESCO to be an active member of the Greening Education Partnership. We will participate and contribute to work on climate justice and planetarian citizenship. On behalf of the 60 MasterPeace clubs in 40+ countries we will share and scale our best practice concepts based on Artivism and Doughnut Economy Methodology. Based on the global research with the MP clubs and partners like,

It is evident that all stakeholders understand the impact of climate change, but all flag that they lack  the awareness how they themselves can stop this immense thread. Education is a key player to create awareness. Schools and teachers need new, innovative Formal and Non-Formal Education materials. Via projects co funded by the European Union called ACT as a Doughnut (in The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Germany) and tailored to the Mena region the project “DOUACTism”  (Lebanon, Morocco, Croatia, Kosovo) MasterPeace act as a catalyst. We train youth workers and teacher on the new methodologies to address social inclusion and climate action. On a local level the youth workers and teacher engage their youth/ students to start local projects, creating city portraits and performing business scans and advice local decision makers on how to (step by step) improve the sustainability of their city and business. The impacts are impressive as the youth / students feel that they matter and contribute and design their own future. In this way we “eat the elephant piece by piece”.

We are eager to contribute to the UNESCO Greening Education via sharing our best practice expertise and are looking for added value of the partnership to learn, improve and scale our impact.

Our mantra “Creating peace. Together” is exactly this. Creating a portfolio on social inclusion and climate justice. Together. This is not a nice, but need to have in order to realize the Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

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