What MasterPeace Means to Us One of the most enjoyable aspects of celebrating an anniversary is getting to hear from friends, allies and partners about what this relationship means to them. We’ve put together a playlist of messages, statements, recollections, and thematic sessions recorded throughout our month-long celebration of MasterPeace’s 10th birthday. A big thank you to club leaders, …

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Helping Young People Find Their Own Voice

An interview with Ditta Trindade, Chair of the Board of MasterPeace.​ Ditta Trindade is a social entrepreneur, policy developer and educator who has contributed to different organizations around the world. She has worked on themes of youth, global education, volunteering, human rights, intercultural learning, participation and citizenship, gender, conflict transformation, social innovation and e-learning. Apart …

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Change is Personal

Meet El Mehdi, who is blazing the trail for a new generation of leaders in Morocco. ElMehdi is one of MasterPeace’s club pioneers in Africa. As a founding member of both MasterPeace Morocco and the African Youth Leadership Summit (AYLS), he has been connecting and inspiring young people on a national and international scale since …

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Marian Dragomir: A Journey from Inspiration to Action

Marian Dragomir is a teacher and the leader of MasterPeace Romania. His path to becoming changemaker began in an unlikely way: with liking a t-shirt that could not be purchased. What does liking a t-shirt have to do with founding an NGO and collaborating on education projects with partners around the world? Today on the podcast, Marian will map his journey for us.

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