Nigeria: Football for change

Nigeria: Football for change Football for Peace is a project that was carried out by our MasterPeace Club in Nigeria. This event was held on the International Day of Peace in 2018. The #PeaceDayMatch was held in Zaria Nigeria and was hosted by Swansea FC, a local team consisting of mainly Muslims and one Christian. […]

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Morocco: Great minds meeting

Morocco: Great minds meeting Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship for local development Project Brief Our MasterPeace Club in Morocco organized its 3rd edition of the Great Minds Meeting on the 15th and 16th of December, 2018. Under the theme “Youth employment and entrepreneurship for local development” young entrepreneurs were challenged to think creatively about local development

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Tunisia: Peace Volunteers

Tunisia: Peace Volunteers The youth are volunteering for peace in Monastir, Tunisia! Monastir is a city in Tunisia that is well-known for its beautiful beaches, clean air and hospitable people. It is also the home-base for a very active MasterPeace club, led by Mister Bechir Selmi. This inspiring man has been actively working with young

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Malawi: Sports for peace

Malawi: Sports for Peace MasterPeace Malawi organized a youth sports event: playing football for social change in Chikwawa. Two communities come together and learn about each other through dialogue and play. Project Brief MasterPeace ‘Chikwawa Sports for Peace’ initiative is a campaign started by MasterPeace Malawi in collaboration with SURCOD, standing for Sustainable Rural Community

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Kenya: The great minds challenge

Kenya: The great minds challenge The Great Minds Challenge – Nairobi took place between the 19th and 21st of October 2018, and brought together over 30 participants, coaches and partners from Kenya, Turkey, Congo, Netherlands, United States and the Philippines. The event was true to the words of Lupita Nyongó, the first Kenyan actress to

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South Africa: A hiv-free

South Africa: A hiv-free “When I was diagnosed with HIV, I could not watch TV. I was afraid of seeing the red ribbon,” Vuyelwa Saule tells at her house in Msobomvu, a village in the Eastern Cape. “HIV is something that affects us all. If you are not infected you are affected. What worries me

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South Africa: Female change agents

South Africa: Female change agents South African women being Nelsons for their communities The late Nelson Mandela would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2018. His legacy lives on and inspires people every day to stand up, make a positive choice and do something. Social entrepreneurial women in South Africa are putting Mandela’s values into

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