SDG 5: Gender Equality

Leadership walks in Nepal

Leadership walks in Nepal For the second time, a 6-day Peace and Conservation Walk took place in the beautiful Dhading area of Nepal, which is blessed with natural beauty, unique topography, and beautiful, hospitable people. Project Brief MasterPeace Nepal organized the 2nd edition of the MasterPeace Walk in Thakre, Nepal from the 7th until 16th …

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MasterPeace Afghanistan: Past, present, future

MasterPeace Afghanistan: Past, present, future MasterPeace Afghanistan is a special group of young people that strives for peace building, youth development, the empowerment of women, climate justice and more. In 2001, the armies of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France and the Northern Alliance started to attack the Taliban. And ever since, Afghanistan’s …

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Asian youth summit

Asian youth summit On the 24th of March, we wrapped up three days of MasterPeace’s Asian Youth Summit, with over 40 participants from different Asian countries accompanied by some global ones coming together for discussions, connections and finding concrete actions for the vast continent. The teams came together for peace at the perfect location near …

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International women’s day

International women’s day Although we should celebrate them everyday, women do have one special day to have the whole world bringing them to spotlight. We in MasterPeace did not only celebrate women, but also got to cheer for men who equally and powerfully stand up for equality across the globe. ‘From #SunriseToSunset’ – Celebrating Women …

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Mexico: International women’s day

Mexico: International women’s day As MasterPeace, we identify ourselves as a peaceful movement. We work through positive interventions, awareness creation, and the deployment of art to create peaceful communities. Unfortunately, our work often finds its source in less peaceful encounters. As, for instance, in Mexico. Where our amazing MasterPeace club focuses on providing training on …

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Asian youth summit

Asian youth summit The First Edition of the Asian Youth Summit with the headline “Creating impact. Together.” will be a unique event that brings together Asian youth leaders in Kathmandu, Nepal, from 22-24 March 2019. These are the most talented and inspirational changemakers who work for the sustainability and development of their local communities. The …

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