BACK2BASICS With Mwana Trust

BACK2BASICS With Mwana Trust

On July 27, 2022

Inner peace project by Mwana Trust MasterPeace (Zimbabwe)

Our dedicated MasterPeace team focused on Art Therapy to promote a sense of inner peace and sense of childlike curiosity and express their vision of what peace looks like to them by adding all elements that evoke this. The project termed ‘BEING A KID AGAIN BACK2BASICS’ garnered such a refreshingly positive response which was the desired effect.

It is almost always a little more complicated working with adults, especially in the African context because of walls and ideas built overtime that may reflect undertones of resistance to the activity. It was different because they felt like children again, and it was a little uncomfortable for them but the walls almost immediately fell down as they warmed up to the idea of this activity being beneficial.

The aim was to simply outline what peace meant to each of us reflecting through our personalities and colorings. Creativity is a universal language that transcends culture, previous experiences, and even current biases. The transforming potential of art leads to self-awareness and discovery, which aids in coping with differences and resolving issues in a peaceful manner.

This tiny effort is significant in and of itself because peace ambassadors are already assuming their place by learning about themselves and what it means to them first before trying to propel the peace agenda. This required a lot of introspective work, which appears to be a minor effort but is actually particularly critical work.

So, conversations lead into the question how we can act together towards co-creation of a peaceful office environment by developing empathy. Staff was able to relax and enable expressive dialogue in line with this. With this in hand tangible teamwork leads to a positive work ethic that allows people to bring their unique identity and creativity.
This activity also spoke to the need of allowing nimbleness and creativity to approach hard topics of achieving peace in a work system that rarely cares about its employees well being more than the results they produce.
The activity aimed at conflict management, supportive teamwork, collaboration, expression and creating a deeper understanding of empathy among us.

Growth towards understanding inner peace leading to environmental peace was inspired in the team. We believe in small efforts towards big change.

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Art As a Tool For Social Change in Nepal

Art As a Tool For Social Change in Nepal

On June 28, 2022

A Film Festival on Gender Diversity and Inclusion in Nepal

In an era where passionate changemakers around the world try to raise awareness and bring an end to gender based harassment and abuse, film continues to be one of the most powerful tools through which to reach people. This past June 2nd and 3rd, 2022, MasterPeace Nepal Dajju Vai helped organize a gender-based film festival, “4th Sambhav Travelling International Film Festival on Gender Diversity and Inclusion” in Kathmandu. The event was organized together with Men Against Violence & Abuse (MAVA), an NGO from India.

The selected short films, features and documentaries on the festivals represented wide range of gender and sexual themes:

1. Gender based discrimination and violence against women
2. LGBTQIA issues, homophobia and transphobia
3. Challenging misogyny, toxic masculinity and matriarchy
4. Intersectionality
5. Gender binaries
6. Acid attacks on women and their survival story

In both days, an interesting panel discussion with experts were major highlights where gender issues and challenges were comprehensively discussed along with possible measures for addressing these issues. Furthermore, the interative conversation brought together youth, students, CSOs leaders and others, in an exchange of ideas and experiences based on the topic raised by different films and contexts.

The two-day festival was held in St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar on the 2nd of June and in TEWA’s office in Dhapakhel. Over 600 people directly witnessed the event. Resource Mobilizer for MasterPeace, Mr. Ashwini Dhakal, attended both days and shared his positive experience with core-team members and across the MasterPeace networks. Organizer, Mr. Kaustav Pokharel, MasterPeace Dajju Vai Leader and Gender Equality Advocate, reflects regarding the program:

“Different film festivals are held in Kathmandu on various themes, but a festival of this nature is probably the first of its kind in Nepal where all films are focused on gender issues.” He further added, “We received lots of positive feedback and support and we hope to turn this film festival of gender diversity and inclusion into a regular event in Nepal like many other film festivals.”

On the first day, finalists of Miss Universe Nepal 2020 Ms Angel Rai, filmmaker Sikuma Rai, writer and journalist Ankit Khadgi, academician, writer and activist Santosh Pariyar were among the panel with moderator Bhagwati Adhikari who is also a Sangat Nepal core group member. During the discussion, panelists Santosh Pariyar and Ankit Khadgi highlighted the need to dismantle the existing mindset and build new reforms to bring about a gender-sensitive movement in Nepal.

On the second day, panelist Sarita Giri who represents the gender and sexual minorities expressed her dissatisfaction with the slow pace of gender sensitivity. Sikuma Rai, Santosh Pariyar, Divya Devi Gurung, Sarita Giri and Biju Kanel from ‘The Story Kitchen’ were present in the panel.

The two-day event screened 14 films from a bank of 20 plus well-curated films with engaging stories, powerful characters, and bold, unconventional subjects from various South Asian countries including India, Nepal, and Pakistan. The next step is to strengthen a synergy amongst concerned authorities so that the people from gender minorities open up because of stigma and discrimination.

(Story details and photos courtesy of Nepali Brothers Facebook page)

The official banner.
Audience Q and A
Call to Action
Film Screening
Panel Discussion


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Open Call – Korca Project Cycle

Open Call – Korca Project Cycle

On June 28, 2022
MasterPeace and Stichting art.1, along with their Albanian partners Open Mind Spectrum Albania (OMSA) and ACT for SOCIETY Center, conjointly announce the open call for the hosting of the Durres cycle, as part of the Artvist Stafetë project, funded by the European Union IPA/2020/421-822.
The project is a creative and innovative alliance that empowers Albanian civil society organisations and young people in their path to change and create social awareness on human rights, diversity and gender equality through the arts. Artivist Stafëte aims to make a significant contribution to the understanding of youth of human rights and democratic EU principles, within Albania’s EU membership accession.
The application package including the “Guidelines for Applicants” and related information on the requirements and the application procedure is available in the following links: : ,  and
The call will remain open until  JULY  29TH 2022. Through the sub-grant scheme, the project will finance small-medium-sized projects, according to relevant thematic fields.
MasterPeace aims to award one project, the following amount:
The maximum amount of financial support EUR 15,000
Applications must be submitted in English.
All activities within the action are therefore geared towards strengthening the CSO sector by:
1) granting it theoretical/practical skills in cross-cultural project management, thus facilitating collaboration and best practice exchange with prospective partners in the EU.
2) Granting practical skills in soft skill methodologies (podcast, film, storytelling, artivism ), related to creative expression and communication, thus facilitating actors in the field to bypass censorship and infiltrate the mainstream narrative, in turn increasing democratic representation.
3) The cycle will host a series of activities during the duration 3 months which includes:
– Hosting training: on four methodologies (podcast, filmmaking, activism and Walls of Connection)
– Creating a safe open space as a temporary (one month) creative hub as a physical space for participants to create their artistic productions.
– Creating different cultural presentations that showcase the artistic work of participants which includes (Film Festival, Femme Salons (TEDx-styled talks), studio-recording of podcast, Walls of Connection, and hackathons).
– Visibility actions, which include campaigning and (social) media presence.
This Call for Application will be submitted later on also in other Regions: Berat Korce and Pogradec in the upcoming period.
Who can apply?
All civil society organizations, organizations in the creative scene, and grassroots initiatives that operates in Dibra Region or has previously implemented similar projects in the region are welcome to apply.
Organizations with experience in activism and minority advocacy, organizations with experience in running cultural spaces and hosting cultural events are strongly encouraged to apply.
All applicants must comply with the project’s code of conduct
 About us
Open Mind Spectrum Albania (OMSA) is an Albanian non-governmental organization established in 2013 with the main focus of its work being community work and advocacy for the LGBTIQ+ communities of Albania. It aspires to co-create an inclusive society for all Albanians, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, age, social status and health status.
ACT for SOCIETY Center is an Albanian non-governmental organization established in 2012. The mission is to enhance healthy lifestyles and stimulate the sustainable development of society. Its work consists of promoting culture, advocating for democracy and human rights issues, connecting youth, stimulating active participation in social life as well as in decision-making processes.
With an established presence in over 40 countries around the world, Dutch organization MasterPeace works with three core activities, all of which aim towards a sustainable future with less conflict: 1) Mobilize, inspire and connect young local talents via music, art and play; 2) Organize dialogue and bring all local stakeholders together; 3) Create perspective through leadership trainings, capacity-building programs and starting up social enterprises.
Based in Amsterdam, Stichting art. 1 is dedicated to the visibilization and inclusion of minorities through the arts. By providing trainings in non-formal methodologies, the organisation seeks to provide tools and channels for sidelined voices to join mainstream narratives and democratic participation.
 How and when to apply?
To apply, you can fill in the application form which can be found here and send it by email to and at Act for Society official address : 
 Rr: “Bulevardi Bajram Curri”; Nd.280; H.5; Ap.4,Tiranë


Annex l

Annex ll

Annex lll

Annex IV

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MasterPeace Poland at WUF11: insights on Doughnut Economics

MasterPeace Poland at WUF11: insights on Doughnut Economics

On June 22, 2022
Image courtesy of WUF / UN Habitat


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At the end of June MasterPeace Poland had the honor to represent our organization at the 11th World Urban Forum. It was held in Katowice - a big city filled with new skyscrapers and old home town-houses.

As an official partner of the Doughnut Economics Action Lab, MasterPeace is developing and actively promoting Doughnut Economics principles when it comes to creating comfortable and environmentally friendly social spaces within modern cities. How can climate change and urbanization walk hand in hand and create a positive impact? So far, we are experiencing a lot of the downsides of growing urban trends. Unusually hot and dry June - although it’s a new normal in Poland - only made it obvious how much we need a new way of thinking about cities. No kidding: the temperature leap between the air-conditioned exhibition hall and the heated concrete desert outside was horrifying. But the exhibition was really worth taking part in: 22.000 guests and 500 volunteers, wonderful people, great ideas, and revolutionary resolutions!

MasterPeace Poland is one of five partners in a big international project ACT! as a Doughnut, sponsored by Erasmus + Program, in which we aim to educate youngsters in 5 European countries and across our worldwide network about how to help their own cities and communities to thrive. Young generation is desperate to change areas where they live into greener, healthier and happier places. MasterPeace provides them with the Doughnut Economics tools and ways to be heard in their community.
At our stand on the World Urban Forum we had a chance to share the developments we made in this project with the visitors of the exhibition and other exponents. Two webinars devoted to the ACT! as a Doughnut project and the Doughnut Economics were organized during the forum to expand the impact to those participants who were not able to be physically present at the WUF11.

May be an image of 20 people, people standing and text that says 'WORLD URBAN FORUM MasterPeace 51 Co-fundedby Union MasterPeace MAS MASTERPEACE EACE MasterPeace MasterPeace TERP MASTE MASTE Organizatorzy: UNOHABITAT BETTER URBAN FUTURE FAJNA SYNDYKAT FAMILOK ACT! as a Doughnut Doughnut Economics Lab 250 conversations, 500 meetings, 700 contacts.. DOUGHNUT ECONOMICS COALITION MASTERPEACE erasmus+ Erasmus+'


MasterPeace Poland will represent the Global MasterPeace Network during the upcoming World Urban Forum in Kotowice, Poland.

The club will have a stand in the exclusive BLUE ZONE at the WUF EXPO, where we will be able to professionally host guests. This is the result of co-financing by the United Nations Human Settlements Agenda - UN-Habitat.

During WUF, MasterPeace will also organize a workshop - FINE ENERGY Citizens Energy System - devoted to reducing energy poverty of city residents. This is the result of a cooperation with the City of Katowice and the Municipal Innovation Zone.

As part of the ERASMUS+ programs implemented in the MasterPeace network, two webinars associated with WUF will be conducted: “ACT! as a Doughnut” and “DEL - Doughnut Economics Lab”. These activities will be supported by the RAVA.INK Municipal Business Incubator.

Image courtesy of WUF / UN Habitat
Image courtesy of WUF / UN Habitat

The World Urban Forum (WUF) is the premier global conference on sustainable urbanization. WUF11 will be held in the Polish city of Katowice 26-30 June 2022. WUF11 is a gigantic global event with 20,000 participants from 160 countries. Inspiring and thought-provoking events under the main title: "An Extraordinary Dialogue on Urban Crisis Recovery"
WUF subject matter is closely related to: SDG's and Doughnut Economics. Participation in the events is completely free of charge, both directly and remotely.
There is a special application and the possibility of comfortable participation via the website in hundreds of activities related to WUF. But the absolute condition is registration before WUF by Saturday June 25 at the latest. 

We recommend that you register for free on the event website and choose the most interesting from among several hundred panels, discussions and workshops. For example:

  • Making Sense of the SDGs in Cities Sesion - Sustainable Cities SDG Sensemaking Tool workshop, Finland case, Monday, 27 June 1:30 PM
  • From local to global: youth participation in implementing SDGs Sesion - Monday, 27 June 4:00 PM
  • SDGs in Action Session - This highlights hands-on examples of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals - the world’s to-do list to end poverty, reduce inequalities and tackle climate change. Wednesday, 29 June, 1:30 PM
  • European Handbook for SDGs Voluntary Local Reviews - 2022 edition European Commission, 28 June 9:00 AM
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