MasterPeace in Global Doughnut Day

MasterPeace in Global Doughnut Day

On November 4, 2023


On the 13 of November, we will celebrate The Global Donut Day.
A great event where we will share, inspire, and create together about Doughnut Economics!

If you are a teacher, youth worker, or youngster, working with the doughnut or simply if you are interested in learning about how to use the doughnut in your work with youngsters ... So you are invited to attend these sessions!

When: Monday 13 November 2023.
Where: 2 Sessions online via Zoom.
Why: To learn, to share, to meet new people, to inspire and be inspired as we explore what it means for humanity to thrive in the 21st century.

Session 1 :
ACT! As a Doughnut, Downscaling the doughnut for youth !

When? Monday, November 13, 2023, at 2-3 pm CET!
Where? Online via Zoom.

In this online session, we share best practices on how to use the Doughnut Economics methodology to engage, connect and empower youth! We will also work on on specific elements/workshops of how to use the doughnut, based on teachers, youth workers and youth experiences  from the MasterPeace network.

Session 2 :
Dialogue on how to use Doughnut Economics by CSOs in Global South.

When? Monday, November 13, 2023 at 3.30-4.30 pm CET!
Where? Online via Zoom.

In this online session, we will share best practices on how to use the combination of social and climate actions and have a dialogue on the interrelatedness of peacebuilding, gender, and climate action in the global south. 

Save the date!

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“Healthy Mind, Healthy Body” – an Erasmus+ mobiltiy for youth workers project in Georgia

“Healthy Mind, Healthy Body” – an Erasmus+ mobiltiy for youth workers project in Georgia

On November 1, 2023

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body - Bakuriani, Georgia

MasterPeace Georgia organized an Erasmus+ project on the topic “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body” from the 21st till the 29th of October 2023. 

It was a real pleasure to participate in this Erasmus+ mobility of youth workers program focused on Physical and Mental Health and well-being. Youth and youth workers from Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Slovakia, Romania and The Netherlands came together to talk about the topic, share experiences and learn from each other. As a member of the MasterPeace core team, it was a great way for me to connect with members of MasterPeace clubs and to learn from and connect with other like-minded people from the beautiful countries that participated in the project.

With me, from the Netherlands, I took four great participants that were very enthusiastic about the project, getting to know other cultures and learning about the topic from other perspectives. Esther is a therapist and has her own business called ‘Liefde voor Jou’ (Love for you), Iana and Tamar work at a great initiative called ‘On the Move Sportvrienden’ and Lieve is a social work student who is doing her internship about positive health at DURF!

We arrived in Tbilisi very early in the morning on the 21st of October. After a nap in the hostel we were ready to explore the city, a great way to start the project. After a beautiful day of walking around the city we met some of the other participants at the meeting point and got on the bus to Bakuriani.

The first day was all about getting to know each other. We did many icebreaker activities and games. For me this was already a great learning experience, as these energizers and icebreakers are great for me to use for the workshops I organize in the Netherlands. On day 2 we talked about our values and stressors or pressures that affect mental health in our countries. It was really valuable and sometimes emotional to talk and hear about all things that affect mental health, especially from the ones that have experienced war.


On day 3 we got to know each other and ourselves even better. After a morning of storytelling and dialogues we got introduced to our superpower: Mindfulness. We talked about the difference between mindfulness and meditation and how these two are connected. We did a short mediation together; relaxing for some and quite challenging for others. We ended the day with the therapy of collage making; “Who Am I?”.

On day 4 we talked about exercise and we did some yoga. This reminded me that I have to do it more often because it was hard yet relaxing. After spending the morning talking about and doing exercise we spend the afternoon on Nutrition. Our trainer Mark introduced us to L.I.E.S (labels, ingredients, expiry date and similarity), something we have to keep in mind while buying food in our local supermarkets. 

On day 5 it was time to go on a little adventure together. While listening to music and singing together in the bus we drove to various beautiful forests, churches and parks. This day was all about connecting to nature, Georgia and each other. At the end of the day we enjoyed a real authentic Georgian dinner with many toasts and great wine. We danced together and shared our favorite music. 

Day 6 started a bit later for everyone to sleep off the dance moves and wine. Mark gave us an insight in the Mental Health Toolkit and great book recommendations. We created our own ‘River of Life’ by drawing and answering questions about different parts of our lives. It was the last night for a big part of the group, so we all received our youth passes, danced, laughed and played games.


Esther, my friend for more than 10 years, gave her input by hosting a breathwork session with the participants that were interested in doing this kind of therapy. In The Netherlands she hosts these kinds of breathing sessions weekly at her business ‘Liefde voor Jou’.  It was an incredible experience to be able to share this moment of vulnerability with beautiful people from different countries and backgrounds. I really think this contributed a lot to the project, because many countries are not familiar with this technique yet. I really hope to find a way to spread this kind of therapy in more countries. It is incredible to witness what the body can do! 


My main take away from this project is that in The Netherlands we are privileged to already have so much knowledge about and tools and opportunities for increasing our physical and mental health. Yet, we can always learn from each other by sharing our experiences, trauma’s, ideas and inspirations with people from different countries and cultural backgrounds.


It was a great experience to share, learn and laugh with beautiful people from Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Slovakia, Romania and The Netherlands. Let’s keep on spreading our knowledge, energy and most importantly our LOVE!



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Introducing our Exciting Pilot Projects that will transform Cities through Artivism and Doughnut Economics

Introducing our Exciting Pilot Projects that will transform Cities through Artivism and Doughnut Economics

On October 26, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our eagerly awaited pilot projects under the DOUACTism project that started in January this year. These initiatives are set to make a remarkable impact in cities around the world by engaging young workers and young people in innovative initiatives based on the concepts of Artivism and Doughnut Economics.

The DOUACTism project’s main objective is to boost the quality, capacity, and recognition of CSOs in a transnational coalition of CSOs, fostering the development and implementation of innovative Non-Formal Education (NFE) formats to engage, connect, and empower youngsters, in line with the EU Youth Strategy. This includes a special focus on young women in rural areas.

The project is being implemented in the Netherlands (MasterPeace Global Foundation), Kosovo (SIT), Morocco (MP Morocco), Croatia (Lumen), and Lebanon (LDN) and is funded by the European Union, Erasmus+.

The DOUACTism project aims to ignite change by launching these pilot projects in various cities and countries. These projects focus on engaging young people and youth workers in innovative initiatives that revolve around Artivism and Doughnut Economics, which are at the heart of creating sustainable and thriving communities.

Our trained youth workers will embark on a six-month journey of engagement with young people and project development. They will collaborate with 200 young people from 5 countries to collectively create pilot projects tailored to their respective cities.

Under the overarching theme of Artivism and Doughnut Economics, young participants will express their visions for a thriving city using the framework of the doughnut theory. Each country’s group of youngsters will be divided into clusters that correspond to the doughnut’s five clusters. They will critically analyze the gaps between their dreams and the current reality, aiming to bridge these gaps with innovative recommendations to present to city representatives.

The ultimate goal of our pilot projects is to see 25 transformative initiatives come to life. Each country will contribute five projects, making a total of 25 pilot projects to shape the future of their cities.

Don’t miss out on the excitement and updates from these pilot projects! Stay connected with us through our social channels and keep an eye on our website for regular updates. Together, we are set to transform cities and inspire positive change through the power of Artivism and Doughnut Economics.

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Poem: “The Cool Birds and the Future of Uganda”

Poem: “The Cool Birds and the Future of Uganda”

On October 12, 2023

By Enock Nsubuga - MasterPeace Uganda

"In the heart of Uganda, a land of strife
Where climate change has brought great sorrow
The year is 2045, a fight for life
As nature's wrath has left us hollow.

Once lush forests now stand barren and bare
Their leaves long gone, a haunting sight
And on the brink of extinction, we share
Our sorrow for the mountain gorilla's plight.

Yet amidst this desperate tide of despair
A group of young heroes with hearts aflame
United as Cool Birds, they take their stand
To protect Uganda's legacy, its precious name.

They raise their voices, their message clear
To rally awareness and wake the world
With wings of hope, they persevere
Their duty to nature, steadfastly unfurled.

The Cool Birds program, their shining star
Trains the youth to monitor and observe
For birds, they are a symbol from afar
Of climate change's devastating curve.

With every flutter, every graceful flight
Birds speak of a world in delicate balance
Through their decline, we are given a sight
Of our environment's disrupted cadence.

Empowered by knowledge, the youth take flight
Their voices heard, their actions taken
With policy in hand, they ignite
A change that shall not be forsaken.

The Cool Birds and Leaders of Uganda's plight
A beacon of hope in darkest of days
For these young warriors, the future is bright
Their dedication, a hymn of praise.

In Uganda's young, we find our reservoir
Of strength and courage, they show the way
With determination, they will heal the scar
And create a sustainable world every day.

This award-winning poem shall honour their fight
The Cool Birds and Leaders of Uganda's grace
For in their hands, our futures unite
In their hearts, a brighter world we embrace."

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